Amazing Tron Illusion!

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I had a lot of fun creating this illusion. Ok, not really. First of all, I spent 1 week searching for the right type of lights. Every place was sold out. I just about gave up on looking but decided to try one more mom and pop store. Sure enough
they had the lights I was looking for. I really had no idea if I could pull this tron illusion off with x-mas lights but I had to give it a try. So I started the painstaking process of taping the x-mas lights to the wall. I was about 5 seconds from giving up. It was so difficult to get the lights to stay on the wall. They were contantly falling and changing positions. It took about 10 hours to complete the illusion. Overall, I was pleased with the results!

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Name of song: Music of Flight

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What happens in our brain when we view an optical illusion?

The information gathered by the eye is processed in the brain to create an idea or image that does not match with a physical measurement of the stimulus source.

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