Anamorphic 3D: Optical Illusion Makeup Tutorial | NYX Face Awards 2016

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The theme of third challenge of the 2016 NYX Face Awards is “Optical Illusion” which is by far the most difficult theme we have had yet. A challenging challenge! For my optical illusion, I chose to do my own makeup version of anamorphic 3D art (google 3d sidewalk art- it’s amazing!!), complete with a scary story about an alien attack to top it off! In order to get the scale and sizing just right which is super important in order for this optical illusion to work, I will show you how to make a stamp so that you can stamp your drawing right onto your bod for a temporary makeup stencil! Arts and crafts and makeup! ;D

Anamorphic 3D File Setup:
by Nick Romick ( )

Music: “Panic Attack”, “Prowler Growler” and “Sutar Rising”, provided by Audio Network

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