DIY 2 pictures in 1 – How To Make 3D Optical Illusion Picture Tutorial

From my video tutorial you will find out how to make “2 pictures in 1” 3D Optical Illusion. What I like most of all in this 3D picture that it is a great home decoration and you can make it with any pictures of any color you’d like!
The main point of this optical illusion is that you can see one picture from the left and another one from the right. While changing angles – pictures change too.
For DIY 3D picture you will need: 2 pictures of identical size (you cam use photos, magazine pages, you own drawings or just print some), a cardboard sheet (twice bigger than one image), a ruler, a pencil, scissors, school glue and a paintbrush. Follow my video instructions to understand how to put that all together.
I chose two images of one tree – in summer and in winter. 10 cm x 11.5 cm each. So my cardboard sheet was 20 cm (10+10) long and 11.5 cm high. But sure you can make it with much bigger pictures!
Be creative and good luck! 🙂
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