Drawing 3D Cuboctahedron, Optical Illusion

A cuboctahedron is an Archimedean solid.
The first stellation of the cuboctahedron is the compound of a cube and its dual octahedron,
with the vertices of the cuboctahedron located at the midpoints of the edges.
It is the same to say that the solid common to both the cube and the octahedron in a cube-octahedron compound is a cuboctahedron.
Freehand drawing. Create 3D star solid.
How to Draw anamorphic Cuboctaeder.

Music: Takeoff – Meixsell
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Mixed media.
Materials used:
Pastell paper: light gray.
H graphit pencil (Derwent)
Markers: Letraset PROMARKER
Black and white charcoal pencil.
Derwent pastels
White gel pen.
Black Faber – Castell pen.
Soft eraser.

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