Drawing Ideas: Optical Illusion for kids

This is more optical illusion for kids than a “real” drawing, but it is a great drawing idea to help beginning artists learn how colors go together to make objects appear to be 3D.

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If you are bored and looking for an interesting drawing idea you might want to give this a try and then create a similar drawing with a character or another simple object. My best suggestion to help students come up with drawing ideas is to draw. When you keep your pen or marker moving ideas just naturally flow into your head. I have found that they key to not being about to think of any drawing ideas is to try to think of things to draw. It is much easier just to start drawing and then let the possibilities for new things just come into your mind.

This could also be a cool science art project. You could test colors to see which ones “pop” to create the most interesting optical illusion.

If you’ve got a few minutes, you can learn to draw. Check out my online schooling classes at the websites below. You’ll find a two minute online art classes and other great drawing ideas.

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