Stare at this Eye Trippy image one minute to make you Hallucinate. This Optical Illusions will Fool Eyes & Mind to See Things and has been carefully designed to create a strong natural hallucination based on the motion after effect illusion (MAE). Use full screen and HD for best results.
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– Amitron 7 – Lord I’m Troubled
*This track is mixed with some other random
sound effects that are not from Amitron 7

https://www.yout ube.com/channel/UCUJTJeTcxlW-m8FiSRNqSGw/videos

Description of Channel:
Optical illusions are something both wonderful and very confusing for our own entertainment. This is mainly because it is startling to see how easily our brain can be tricked and manipulated into seeing things that aren’t really there as well as realizing how easy it is to create optical illusions. Call it smoke and mirrors, or call it a trick of the eyes. But at the end of the day, it is our brain that makes the decisions on how to perceive the world around us. So if you’re not in a good state mentally, you will see a distorted view of the world. But in all honesty, do we actually see the true image around us or are we not seeing the real world around us? Do we even want to see the truth?
Because the first round was so successful and intriguing, here is our second visit to see the most amazing mind bending optical illusions. These optical illusions prove how easily our minds can be manipulated and change based on what we see in a single image. On the same note, it also has helped scientists and researchers learn more about how our brains work. This has helped the medical field in making great strides in treatments for mental illnesses. These optical illusions have also shown us how some of the experiences throughout history may be debunked with a simple trick of the eyes with poorly angled line or wrong colored shape on a box.

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