How to Control The Dancer With Your Mind

The solution to the spinning dancer puzzle of the mind. It doesn’t take much brain power to control the sexy dancer’s direction of rotation – just a little imagination.

It’s an optical illusion. If you can change your perspective then you can control the dancer with your mind and have her turn clockwise or counter-clockwise on demand! A classic reference point as demonstrated in this video are the hips or pelvic area but I did find that the upper torso, boobs, and arms are great as well. In sports, a key to defense is to watch the hips – they always give away the true direction of the body and thus help you avoid the fake.

The simplest solution to-date I have found on the internet was from someone who said “it depends on the leg that she is standing on.”

BTW, I didn’t make the original video but whoever did sure put a nice rack on her and she is nicely proportioned too so kudos!

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