How To Draw Optical Illusions: Weird Escher Geometry in perspective – Video Tutorial HD

Drawing impossible Escher-like geometry illusions is fun. And very easy to do. In this video tutorial I am going to draw impossible square geometry and put them along side the road in a perspective scene. Which creates a scene of illusion and contradiction. Symbolising paradoxes and illusions that we encounter on our Life’s journey. But stay concentrated and focused. And just keep moving forward on the path of Life..:)

Some of the Tools and Materials that I use:


Tools and Materials:

Staedler Drawing 5 Set Advanced Compass:

Faber Castell TK Fine Vario Pencil 0.5 MM

Triangle Rotring Ruler

Black Marker

Derwent Paper Size A3 /16.5 x 11.75 inch

Micron pens

Caran D’Ache Pablo Color Pencils

Rotring Fineliner pen set 0.3/ 0.5/ 0.7mm

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