It’s All About Perspective – Optical Illusions Show How Our Brain & Perceptions Work

Intro of a 2 hour workshop at the 2015 Cooley’s Anemia Patient and Family Conference.

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We learn how to see the world.

Our senses actually pick up only a sliver of information from the world.

Optical Illusions show our senses and brain at work, taking background information, learned behavior, making assumptions, and logical guesses to fill in colors, shades, patterns, dimensions, and more to shape what we see.

The way our senses and brain work, we rely on a learned way of seeing, our internal model of reality to shape what we experience.

We bring this same system of assumptions and learned behavior to create our stories or narratives about our experiences.

Our story or version of reality lays over ‘just the facts’ of any situation.

The thing to realize is that our version of reality is much more subjective than objective.

There can be different perspectives to the same situations or challenges.

Our perspectives can change according to what we learn and think.


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