Optical Illusion Art By Oleg Shupliak. Картини-ілюзіі Олега Шупляка.

Ukrainian artist Oleg Shupliak has created a unique and intriguing series of “Two-in-one” optical illusion paintings by featuring famous people merging into their respective subject matter.
Oleg Shupliak was born in 1967 in Ternopil oblast (county), Ukraine. His collection now numbers nearly 100 works , the first of which was created in 1991.
Please note that ALL original works of art (whether oil on canvas or pen drawings) were created totally without the aid of computer graphics or programmes.
However, the “Illusionary Art” film uses computer aided techniques solely to enhance the viewers perspective, thus enabling them to witness the artistic genius of Oleg Shupliak’s illusionary world.

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