Optical illusions and 3d chalk drawings

Cool video of optical illusions, and chalk drawing.

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Editors – Munich

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00:15 – Duck or Rabbit?
00:20 – It looks like the lines aren’t parallel, but they are.
00:35 – If you look to the center circle, it looks like the others are moving
00:40 – look to the black dot, then to moves with your head back and forward. It looks like the “squares” are moving up and down.
00:45 – Look to both center circuls, they are the same size.
00:50 – How many legs has the elephant?
01:01 – Impossible picture.
01:06 – How many coluns has the temple?
01:26 – The center lines have the same size.
01:32 – It’s a perfect square, but it looks like the sides are rounded.
01:56 – Where are they sitting?
02:01 – Those “rectangules” have the same size.
02:17 Look to one spiral, it looks like the others are twirling.
02:21 – Another impossible picture.

if you want a better description of a illusion, send me a message.

Here it is more 3D chalk drawings: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2z-VBg055gc

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