Your Trickster Brain: Optical Illusions — Science on the Web #46

When it comes to optical illusions it’s pretty easy to jailbreak the operating system of your mind and load a new program onto it. Find out why your visual system willingly makes errors in interpretation.

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Abstract Optical Pattern Illusion Art Work

Incredible Shade Illusion!

L’illusione ottica della scacchiera, versione 3D / 3D Adelson Checkerboard Illusion

How do neurons connect to each others? Blue Brain Project opens new insights

How Neurons Work Made Simple ~ An Animated Guide

Human Brain Visual System- Visual Signal Transmission

Neuroplasticity – Creating Stronger Neural Connections

How to do an EEG

Brain power! Stunning visual illusion. You see it but you can’t believe it. No screamer.

Ultimate Optical Illusions Compilation 2014

Negative Optical Illusion (To Grayscale) – Chicken Sea Horse

New York Slow Motion

Insights into the Brain_ Studying Visual Perception at BGU

Split-brain patient ‘Joe’ being tested with stimuli presented in different visual fields

Vision Reconstruction

What is Light?

_Science of the Senses_ Series Explores Brain-Sight Connection

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